8 1/4 Inch Plated Steel Wok Ring

8 1/4 Wok Ring
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8 1/4 Inch Plated Steel Wok Ring
8 1/4 inch
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8 1/4 Wok Ring
8 1/4 Wok Ring
8 1/4 Wok Ring
8 1/4 Wok Ring
8 1/4 Wok Ring

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This plated steel wok ring is perfect for converting your standard range into a temporary Chinese wok range! If you'd like to steam vegetables, braise meat, or create an authentic Asian stir-fry, this wok ring is the perfect accessory. The wok will remain stationary, allowing you to masterfully prepare your dish with minimal effort. And, when you are done cooking, the wok ring may be used on a counter to keep your wok steady, making it an even more valuable asset in your kitchen.

The wok ring is also good in balancing clay pots which have a rounded bottom such as the Filipino Palayok.

  Wok Ring
Item Number: USA-6710-08
Dimensions (inches):  
Top Diameter: 8 1/4
Bottom Diameter: 10
Height: 1 1/2
How we measure

To clean the wok ring simply wipe it with a damp cloth. If it is extra dirty you can wash it with a mild soapy water and rinse well.

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