Portugese Hammered Flat Bottom Cataplana - Medium - 27 cm

27 cm - 10.25 inch
Portuguese Hand Hammered Cataplana
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Portuguese Hammered Flat Bottom Cataplana
24 cm - 9.25 inch
27 cm - 10.25 inch
30 cm - 13 inch
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Portuguese Hand Hammered Cataplana
Portuguese Hand Hammered Cataplana
Portuguese Hand Hammered Cataplana
Description Cataplana is both the name of a food and the pan it is cooked in. The best way to describe the Portuguese Cataplana pan is as two copper bowls hinged together at one end, creating a tight seal that allows the steam from cooking to be retained in the vessel, acting similar to a pressure cooker which cooks food very quickly. Our Portuguese Cataplanas are hand hammered copper with copper hinges, handles and closure clamps. The inside is lined with tin and has a flat bottom which makes the pot very sturdy while cooking. This combination of copper and tin make these pots excellent heat conductors, thus requiring less energy. They are 10 inches x 10 inches x 5.25 inches, and 9.25 inches in diameter.

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