Mexican Lidded Cazuela - Jumbo - Terracotta

Jumbo - 12 qt
Mexican Lidded Cazuela - Jumbo
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Mexican Lidded Cazuela - Terracotta
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Jumbo - 12 qt
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Mexican Lidded Cazuela - Jumbo
Mexican Lidded Cazuela - Jumbo
Mexican Lidded Cazuela - Jumbo

If you are feeding an army, this Lidded Cazuela is the pot for you. It is great for making large quantities of soups, stews, and other casserole-style dishes, and its because of its beautiful glazed finish, it can be taken directly to the table to make a dramatic presentation. Length 19in (including handles), Width 16in (from outside), Height 12in, Diameter 14.5in and Capacity 12qt (filled comfortably without overflowing). Will last many years with proper use and care (each piece comes with a product information sheet outlining the Uses and Care for the product). As with other clay cookware, the flavor of the food cooked in it actually improves with use. Completely natural and safe, contains no toxins or lead. In the semi-desert region of Hidalgo, Mexico, our cazuelas are made by hand by artisans whose craft has been handed down for several generations.

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