Thai Rice Serving Bowl

Thai Rice Serving BowlThai Rice Serving Bowl
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Thai Rice Serving Bowl
8 inch
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Go in almost any Thai restaurant and you will likely be served rice from a bowl like the ones we carry.

The bowl is made of aluminum with a stamped Thai design. It is a great way to add a touch of authenticity to your Thai meal. The two handles makes easy to bring from kitchen to table. The bowl is 8 3/4 inches high and 7 1/2 inches deep including the cover.

Item Number: TAI-7635-08
Dimensions (inches):  
Length: 11.0
Width: 8.3
Height: 8.75
Capacity: 4 pints
Diameter: 7.25
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The Rice Serving Bowl should not be washed in dishwasher, as the harsh detergent will tarnish the surface of the bowl. Instead, hand wash the bowl with a mild soap and warm water.

The bowl is made out of relatively light-weight aluminum so it should be handle with care to ensure that it is not dented.

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