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Garcima Enameled Paella Pan

Rating: 4.83/5
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Garcima Enameled Paella Pan
10 cm - mini
15 cm - tapa serving
20 cm - 1 serving
30 cm - 4 servings
34 cm - 6 servings
38 cm - 8 servings
42 cm - 10 servings
50 cm - 14 servings
65 cm - 22 servings
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Imported from Spain and made from enameled steel, this paella pan is the perfect for making and serving delicious paella. The enameled pans are made of steel and coated with black and white speckled enamel giving the ease of care and rust proof qualities of stainless steel pans but at a fraction of the price. Cleaning is a snap requiring only soap and water. Their performance is equivalent to the carbon steel or stainless steel pan. The pan can be used on a stove top, oven, gas barbeque grill or open flame. For best results, it can be used over a paella burner (also available for purchase).

The paella pan is shallow and has sloping sides, which helps the rice cook evenly and develop more intense flavor. As the pans get larger, they grow in diameter rather than depth, which allows for more delicious socarrat, which is the term used in Valencia to describe the delicious caramelized crunchy rice crust which forma the base of any good paella.

one product
Item Number: Diameter (cm) Diameter (inches) Servings
ESP-4120-10 10 3.9 mini
ESP-4120-15 15 6 tapa
ESP-4120-20 20 8 1
ESP-4120-30 30 12 4
ESP-4120-34 34 13.5 6
ESP-4120-38 38 15 8
ESP-4120-42 42 17 10
ESP-4120-50 50 20 14
ESP-4120-65 65 26 22
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The best heat source for a Paella Pan is one that covers the entire bottom of the pan, such as the Paella Burners we carry, which are specifically made for the job. Alternatively they can be used over an open flame (as they were originally done) or a barbeque grill. Of course they can be used on a stove top (gas, electric), however the heat source will not cook the paella evenly past certain sizes. You can overcome this by straddling the pan over two or more burners, as well as beginning the paella on the stove top, but finishing it in the oven. This will cook the paella pan but will not develop the delicious caramelized crunchy rice crust which would normally form on a paella burner. Because the bottoms are ever so slightly convex, they do not make good contact with flat surfaces and are therefore not good for ceramic or induction cook tops.

Remember that the handles will also get hot during use so always use care when handling or use protective gloves.

An Enameled Steel Paella Pan is quite easy to use and maintain, with the advantage over a carbon steel one of not rusting and therefore requiring less care. It can even survive a dishwasher, although they will last longer if hand washed.

For everyday cleaning of an Enameled Paella Pan, hand washing in hot, soapy water and drying it thoroughly with a soft cloth before storing is recommended to maintain the best appearance of the Pan. Since the exterior glaze enamel is kiln dried at 1,600° Fahrenheit, the surface is rather resilient and can even be scrubbed with a scrubber of steel wool to remove dried-on or burnt food. Another excellent cleaner for keeping the interior and exterior of the enamel shiny is Soft Scrub Cleanser.

Unlike a Carbon Steel Paella Pan, an enameled one does not require any special curing or seasoning.

Paella de Mariscos, Seafood Paella

If you love seafood, this is a great way to satisfy your craving.

Ask a thousand Spaniards what the real recipe for paella is, and you will get a thousand answers. The recipe below is my version of a seafood paella to cooked over a gas barbeque grill


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Wednesday, 12 March 2014
I actually bought these to test out in our restaurant and both our cooks and customers LOVE them! You gotta try them.
Howard Hastings
Saturday, 23 April 2011
I`ve been making paellas over a year now. I learned from a spanish friend. Paellas, valencia style, should be made with very hot fire (direct over fire) traditionally using wood, but I use my gas grill. this means food and rice WILL stick to 99% of paella pans sold in amazon. with these enamel paellas, no matter what you do, nothing will stick. so these are the real thing, what you would get if you order in a spanish restaurant.
Orlando Carvallo
Friday, 11 March 2011
We are delighted with our paella pan. We hosted several other couples to a memorable dinner and the paella we put together in our paella pan was a wonderful surprise to several of them. It brought back memories of the past for some and for those to whom this was a new experience, it introduced them to one of the delights of another culture. The presentation of the colorful, aromatic paella was greatly enhanced by the pan.
David W. Dorn
Sunday, 27 February 2011
I bought 2 pans from this brand, a 12" for my family of 2 and 16" for entertaining friends. I have used the 12" pan and my first attempt at paella was a success, thanks also to the mini pamphlet included. It is also easy to clean and very low maintenance, no sweat in cleaning the socarrat. However the product could be improved a little more, the handles don`t have protective rubber so don`t accidentally touch it with your bare hands while hot!
Tuesday, 21 December 2010
I ordered this pan to try some paella recipes from I had doubts when the big box arrived but I followed the recipe and the instructions in the enclosed booklet and made a visually beautiful and wonderfully tasty dish. I, like another reviewer, made the seafood recipe. I had scallops, shrimp, clams and mussels ready (I haven`t conquered squid yet). I used medium grain rice as booklet advised in its detailed instructions that included the tip that long grain rice does not absorb the flavors as well. The pan took up two burners on my electrical range but worked so well distributing the heat across the dish that I do not regret the addition of this pan to my crowded kitchen. The pan is attractive enough to hang on the wall. Paella is a new favorite and easy choice to fix, especially when we entertain. The pan make the meal a conversation piece.
Monday, 29 November 2010
This is my second paella pan from La Paella. The first one I bought for a dinner party. It is quite large - 24 inches in diameter and occupies all four burners on my stove. But what a hit it was! Now we serve paella fairly often for company. It`s a great dish if your kitchen is open to the entertaining area because the making of the paella is part of the fun, and your guests will appreciate the dinner that much more. The paella was delicious, and the La Paella recipe that came with the pan was quite easy to follow (we made the seafood one). My large pan is a carbon steel pan, which works great - just make sure you dry it well after washing so it doesn`t rust. La Paella Carbon Steel Paella Pan, 24-Inch My new smaller pan (16") is enameled steel, which I like because there`s no extra maintenance after washing and no risk of rusting. It`s perfect for our family of four. La Paella Enameled Steel Paella Pan, 16-Inch
Home PAELLA PANS Garcima Enameled Paella Pan