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Home PAELLA PANS Garcima Paella Pan Sets

Garcima Paella Pan Sets

Garcima Paella Pan Sets
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Garcima Paella Pan Sets
Andreu Set
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Tabarca Set
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Garcima Paella Pan Sets
Garcima Paella Pan Sets
Garcima Paella Pan Sets

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These sets are perfect starters for making paellas and includes the paella burner, the paella pan, and the supporting legs. Imported from Spain and made from carbon steel, the pans are the ones most common and popular paella pan in Spain and is perfect for making authentic and delicious paella. They are shallow with sloping sides that help cook the rice evenly and developing more intense flavors. The pan is thin but quite rigid and durable with a hammered dimpled bottom which distributes heat evenly and quickly while also giving it a beautiful look. The handles are made of steel and painted red. The legs, also painted red give great support to the burner and pan.

NOTE: Does not include regulator or hose.

Set Burner Model Paella Pan Legs
Andreu Two ring, Model 350 16.6 in, 10 servings Special Stand with Wheels and Condiment Tray
Tabarca Two ring, Model 400 23.5 in, 14 servings Reinforced Legs
Suquer Three Ring, Model 600 27 in, 20 - 25 servings Heavy Duty Reinforced Legs

The Burners that come with these sets use propane gas and can be connected with appropriate hoses and regulators to the same propane tanks used for backyard barbecues. As with all propane burners and barbecues, it is extremely important to think about safety first before using the burner.


Make sure to use the burner in a properly ventilated outdoor area. Never use a propane burner in an enclosed area because propane gives off dangerous carbon monoxide gas which can cause a person's oxygen level to be depleted and may lead to death.

Always make sure that your propane tank is not rusted and in good condition, and that there is a good fit between the hose and the burner. If you have any doubts about the connection, you can use a mixture of 1 tbsp of dishwashing detergent to 1 cup of water, and lightly pour it on the connections. If there are any leaks, the liquid will lightly bubble around the spot of the leak.

Always follow the propane tank’s manufacturer’s guideline, but in any case, the tank should be stored in a cool dry location away from heat and open flame to minimize the risk of explosion.

Following the simple guidelines of having a clean and grease-free burner will prevent stuck-on food from catching on fire.


To use the Paella Burner, assemble the burner and legs. Place the burner on a flat floor. If the burner has wheels on the legs, put rocks or blocks of wood under the front and rear of the tires to prevent slipping. Place the propane tank next to the burner and turn the nozzle to the right to verify it is closed. First attach one end of the burner hose to the burner by screwing it in by turning to the right. Then attach the other end of the hose to the tank. Make sure the hose attachments are tight and secure.

It is advisable to light the burner before placing the pan on it. You can then place the pan right on the burner on the pan supports on the burner itself.


To ignite the burner, it is best to use long fireplace matches, or long butane barbecue lighters. Starting from the inner ring first, bring the fire source close to the base of the ring. Slowly turn the gas knob that controls that ring counter-clockwise until the fire ignites, the fire will then begin to travel around the ring until it is fully lit. If you turn the knob on too fast, it could either burn you or the flame on the match will go out due to the strong gust of wind. Adjust the flame at the burner control, and repeat with the successive rings.

Make sure to keep fingers, arms, face and other body parts away from the burner during the ignition to reduce the risks of burns and serious injury.

Remember that the handles of the pan will get hot during use so always use care when handling or use protective gloves.

The pans that comes with these sets are Carbon Steel Paella Pan, it should be cured and seasoned (please see the curing tab). Just like carbon steel wok, a Carbon Steel Paella pan will acquire a natural patina over time as they become seasoned and will absorb more flavors the more you use it. Just like woks however, if not taken care of properly, THEY WILL RUST. Never leave the pan to air dry without oiling it.

To clean a Carbon Steel Paella Pan, simply wash it by hand with a soft non-abrasive sponge or cloth, and mild soap. Avoid washing it while it’s hot as sudden temperature changes can warp the pan. Avoid using metallic scrubbers or abrasive cleansers as it may damage the surface. If you have a stubborn food residue, use a soft-scrub sponge and dish-washing soap to clean off the residue. For especially stuck on food, put some water in the pan and slowly bring to a boil until the food is softened.

Make sure to thoroughly dry the Pan, and before storing it, use a paper towel to coat with oil inside and out to keep them from rusting and store in a dry place. If rust does appear, simply wash the surface of the pan with hot water, and remove any traces of rust using steel wool if necessary and re-season.

Never machine wash a Carbon Steel Paella Pan.

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Home PAELLA PANS Garcima Paella Pan Sets