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Home POTS AND PANS Indian Clay Yogurt Pot

Indian Clay Yogurt Pot

Indian Clay Yogurt PotIndian Clay Yogurt Pot
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Indian Clay Yogurt Pot
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If you love Indian Cuisine, you probably eat more yogurt than most people. And there is no a better way of having really good tasting yogurt than to make it yourself in our unglazed Indian Clay Yogurt Pot, without any harmful additives, sugars, or artificial thickeners contained in most commercial varieties.

Our Yogurt Pots are hand crafted by our artisans in Tamil Nadu the same way they have been for centuries. Its unglazed finish used in most Indian homes, produces thick and silky yogurt as the clay allows the water to evaporate slowly through the micro pores. It’s small size allows the making of small batches, to also have fresh yogurt on hand.

The Yogurt Pots are made from pure natural clay, and totally free of any toxic materials or lead and 100% Eco friendly.

  Small Medium Large
Item Number: IND-1210-06 IND-1210-07 IND-1210-08
Dimensions (inches):      
Length: 5.25 6.125 6.50
Width: 5.25 6.125 6.50
Height: 4.75 5.875 6.
Diameter: 3.0 3.5 4.00
Capacity: 28 oz 48 oz 56 oz
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Our Clay Yogurt Pots are very attractive and hand made on a potter’s wheel. As such, some may have markings and imperfections, however these imperfection do not compromise the aesthetics or functionality of the pieces and are considered normal and to be expected.



Although our Indian Clay Yogurt Pots can be used for a variety of other uses, they are specifically made to make yogurt. They can be used in the oven, microwave, stovetop, or direct fire. They also serve as a storing and serving vessel and can go directly to the table for an authentic presentation.

As with any clay or glass cookware, the pieces must not be submitted to drastic changes in temperature. The pieces should be allowed to adjust slowly to heat, letting the pieces slowly heat up until they are hot, either on the stove or in the oven. Likewise, you should also allow the pieces to adjust to room temperature before washing or storing them, and never sit a hot pot on a cold surface such as granite or tile.



Although a Yogurt Pot should be maintained extremely clean for making yogurt, the pots should never be put in a dishwasher as they can absorb the detergent flavor. Instead, they should be thoroughly hand-washed with mild soap avoiding strongly scented soaps which can flavor the clay. Never use metal or abrasive cleaners as it can scratch and damage the inside of the pieces, using wooden utensils instead.

Before using a Clay Yogurt Pot, rinse it well under running water to remove any dirt left over from the manufacturing or shipping process. After blotting dry with a kitchen towel, fill the pot with with plain water, or if you prefer rice stock water (kanji vellam), and let it soaked overnight. On following day, empty out the water and wash it again. With a paper towel, wipe it with a generous amount of oil (preferably coconut or sesame) both inside and out. Put the pot on the heat and slowly bring up the heat and heat it on medium for about 5 minute. Let the pot cool completely, refill it with rice stock water or plain water, and leave it over night again. This procedure should be repeated for three days. On the fourth day, you can empty the pot, rinse it well under running water, and begin enjoying your clay curry pot. Courtesy of

The Indian Clay Cookware we sell is made by our artisans in Tamil Nadu Indian. It is a time consuming and laborious task. We hope you enjoy see the video on how they are made.

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Sunday, 18 September 2016
Received before the date and packed wonderfully. I love making yougurt in clay pot as it tastes little different. :)
Anita Chhabra
Home POTS AND PANS Indian Clay Yogurt Pot