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Home WORLD TRAVELER Churrasco Sizzling Platter from Colombia

Churrasco Sizzling Platter from Colombia

Churrasco Sizzling PlatterChurrasco Sizzling Platter
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Churrasco Sizzling Platter from Colombia
16 inches
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Unlike most sizzling plates available, these sizzling plates from Colombia are made out of aluminium, making maintenance an easy chore. Traditionally used for serving Churrasco Steak, it has a place for the sauce bowl for Chimichurri Sauce. Of course they can be used for all other sizzling applications including steaks and fajitas.

Using our Sizzling Plate is rather easy because it does not require any pre-seasoning or preparation prior to its first use as is needed with cast iron ones.

Item Number: COL-7027-16
Dimensions (inches):  
Length: 16.0
Width: 8.0
Height: 1.25
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The sizzling plates are made by hand. Each one is buffed with a grinder, leaving rough scrapes of the grinder. This look is intended as it reduces the appearance of “knife marks".



The idea is to get aluminum the plate hot enough to sizzle when the food is added and continue cooking, and enough to keep the food hot as the dish is served. Depending on your recipe, it might require the addition of a little oil on the plate, or left it as.

For recipes with no oil, turn on the boiler of your oven to 500º degrees Fahrenheit. For those with oil, choose a temperature slightly below the smoke point of the oil you are using, approximately 300º F to 390º F. Place the aluminum section of the plate in the top level of the oven for 10 minutes.

When you are ready to place food on it, carefully remove the sizzle plates from the heat with a pair of pliers or tongs, and set them into wood underliners, making sure to align them into the groves.

Place the cooked food on the sizzle plates and serve immediately. Be careful adding food to the plate, especially sauces and oils which may splatter onto the server or diner. Using a protective apron and or oven mitts is a good idea when working with the hot plates.

Although the sizzling will slow down quickly, the aluminum plate will remain extremely hot for some time, so always remind the diners of the hot plate.

Never place the aluminum plate in the microwave, as it will produce an arc inside the microwave that could damage the microwave and possibly cause a fire.

Aluminum Plate:

Aluminum does not like extended exposure to water and other liquids, especially acid ones, so the aluminum plates should be washed and dried thoroughly after each use. Never place aluminum plate in a dishwasher as the special dishwasher liquids/powders are very harmful to the aluminum. Wash the plates with warm soapy water (any dish detergent will do). Since the surface of the aluminum plate is a rough texture, a scratching pad can be used if there is any burn on food. Be sure to thoroughly dry immediately after washing to avoid spots or discoloration.

Aluminum may develop a soft patina over time and lose some of its shine. To remove stains and the discoloration, the plates can be placed in a large pot of boiling water for about 10 minutes, together with three tablespoons of cream of tartar per quart of water. Alternatively, you can use a food safe metal to buff the surface.

Wood Liner:

Although the wood liner is coated with a food safe clear coating, it needs special attention in order for them to last. Never soak or submerge the wood liner, or wash in a dishwasher because they will absorb water and can cause them to crack and lose their attractive finish.

Keep the liner clean by wiping off with a towel after each use. You can also hand wash the liner with mild soap and warm water, and dry them thoroughly.

Argentinian Chimichurri Sauce

Chimichurri is a very traditional sauce for roasted meats originally from Argentina, although widely popular through-out Latin America.


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Home WORLD TRAVELER Churrasco Sizzling Platter from Colombia