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Home CUPS AND PITCHERS Black Clay, La Chamba Clay Pitcher

Black Clay, La Chamba Clay Pitcher

Black Clay, La Chamba Clay PitcherBlack Clay, La Chamba Clay Pitcher
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Black Clay, La Chamba Clay Pitcher
2.5 qt
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Black Clay, La Chamba Clay Pitcher
Black Clay, La Chamba Clay Pitcher
Black Clay, La Chamba Clay Pitcher

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Hot Chocolate just tastes different when made in a clay pot. Traditionally, the chocolate is made according to each family’s recipe and beaten with a wooden molinillo until it is frothy. This Clay pitcher is not only good to make the hot chocolate, but looks great to serve any hot or cold beverage.

Item Number: COL-7038-08
Dimensions (inches):  
Length: 8.1
Width: 6.8
Height: 7.3
Capacity: 2.5 qt
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About Black Clay, La Chamba, Cookware

Black Clay, La Chamba Cookware, is well-known and used throughout Colombia in restaurants and homes for preparing and serving traditional dishes such as Ajiaco. Its origins can be traced back at least 700 years to vases and pitchers found in pre-Columbian archaeological sites. It is still made in the traditional manner, by families in a small village on the banks of the Magdalena River in Central Colombia. The pieces heat very evenly and retain heat for a long period and can be used in the oven, the microwave or on a gas or electric stovetop. They can go directly to the table for a sophisticated presentation.

Because the pieces are unglazed, they are completely natural and safe and contain no toxins or lead. The porous nature of the unglazed clay allows the slow evaporation of steam resulting in using less liquids and fats while cooking which that produces food that is healthier and tastier!


Black Clay Cookware is not only beautiful, but it is also quite sturdy and will last many years with proper use and care. Serving pieces like these can even be used to cook in for such applications as heating a dish, or serving au gratin dishes. They can be used in the oven, the microwave or a stovetop, and can go directly to the table for a sophisticated presentation. The pieces can be used directly on a gas or electric range, however, it is recommended to use a heat diffuser to prevent discoloration from the heat (sold separately).

The pieces must not be submitted to drastic changes in temperature. The pieces should be allowed to adjust slowly to heat, letting them slowly heat up until they are hot, either on the stove or in the oven. Likewise, you should also allow the pieces to adjust to room temperature before washing or storing them, and never sit a hot pot on a cold surface such as granite or tile.

The pieces retain heat for a long period of time, so be careful in handling a hot plate or other item. The video to the right shows a pot which has been brought to the table, yet keeps bubbling for quite some time without any heat source.

For cleaning, avoid using the dishwasher, hand washing is recommended. After each use, fill with warm, soapy water, allowing to soak briefly if heavily soiled, then scrubbing lightly with a sponge or soft cloth.

Do not use metal or abrasive pads as they may scratch the surface and avoid strongly scented soaps which can flavor the clay. Use wooden utensils with the pieces as metal utensils can scratch and damage the inside.


As with most handmade products by artisans around the world, the pieces may have slight imperfections in the form or finish of the materials. Sometimes sizes of same model pieces may also vary slightly, however, these imperfection do not compromise the aesthetics or functionality of the pieces and are considered normal and to be expected. Likewise, although lids are made individually to match each pot, they do not always fit perfectly as the two parts may shrink differently during the firing process.

If subjected to direct heat, you may observe that your pieces may change in color on the bottom where there is direct contact with heat. Although this is normal and does not affect the pieces in any way. it is better to avoid direct heat to prevent the discoloration on serving pieces.

Normally before a La Chamba Piece is used for cooking the first time; it should be “cured” to seal the pores. The sealing process really only needs to be done on cooking pots and not on plates, bowls, and other serveware, but for your information, below is the process used to cure a La Chamba piece.

Every culture has different methods of sealing and curing their clay cookware. The video to the right shows the most traditional method used in Colombia which is to warm the clay piece slightly, then thoroughly rub the inside with a ripe plantain (a regular banana will do), leaving a thick coating on the clay. After drying for a bit, the piece can then be lightly washed to remove the residue.

The sealing can also be done with almost any oil, or even as easily as filling the piece with a mixture of milk and water and boiling it for a few minutes. During the boiling, some seepage may occur which is quite normal, however, the boiling action will eventually seal the pores.

You can also cure the piece by sautéing some onions or garlic in the oil of your choice, making sure to wipe the oil up the sides of the piece with a paper towel using tongs.

Colombian Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate is quite traditional in Colombia, especially in the colder mountain regions. Traditionally, the chocolate is made according to each family’s recipe and beaten with a wooden molinillo until it is frothy.


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Friday, 09 January 2015
I bought this piece a year ago and it has been used nearly every day. It is beautiful and it cleans up VERY easily. I have used it to boil water, make coffee, tea, hot cocoa and numerous other drinks both hot and cold. It is great for yogurt and ice cream making.It gave my first few batches of food and drinks somewhat of a light smoky flavor, not bad, just noticeable. At this point it no longer gives off any kind of taste. I would love to have another one or two, or three! I have seen them with a lid but they are hard to find and the price is much higher. Based on this piece`s performance I just purchased 2 more La Chamba clay pieces. I am hoping that they are as sturdy, beautiful and useful as this piece has been for me.
Emily Stenger
Tuesday, 29 July 2014
Beautiful work of art and craftsmanship.
Lee Jordan-Anders
Sunday, 23 March 2014
I got this to boil water in for hot tea, coffee, hot coacoa etc. It is unique and beautiful piece. I was glad to have gotten it in one piece after having to return several broken clay pieces before. The seller packed the jug really well and put a "fragile" notice on the box - you would think that clay shippers would always do that but they do not! I am very happy with the purchase.
Leeann Stenger
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Home CUPS AND PITCHERS Black Clay, La Chamba Clay Pitcher