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Home Indian Indian Hammered Copper Punjabi Handi

Indian Hammered Copper Punjabi Handi

Indian Hammered Copper Punjabi Handi
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Indian Hammered Copper Punjabi Handi
4.5 inches - 14 oz
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5.25 inches - 22 oz
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5.5 inches - 30 oz
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6.75 inches - 56 oz
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Indian Hammered Copper Punjabi Handi

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  • Care and Use

The handi is a traditional Indian style serving bowl used extensively in Indian restaurants to serve lentils, curries, and other liquid based food. Our double layer, hand hammered copper handi is hand made in India. It gives your food an authentic and decorative look that will give your guests and family an experience they will not soon forget.

It is hand-crafted with two layers of metal which actually help to preserve the dish hot for a long period of time. The inner layer is made of the highest quality stainless steel, with the outer layer made from copper which is hand hammered in a uniquely Indian style giving the dish an added beauty.

  Small Medium Large Extra Large
Item Number: IND-2113-10 IND-2113-11 IND-2113-12 IND-2113-15
Dimensions (inches):        
Length: 4.5 5.25 5.5 6.75
Width: 4.5 5.25 5.5 6.75
Height: 3 3.24 3.75 4.5
Diameter: 4.0 4.75 5.0 6.25
Capacity: 14 oz 22 oz 30 oz 56 oz
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These copper Handi are meant for serving. The two layers of metal help in preserve the dish hot while sitting on the table.



The copper Handi should be hand washed with mild soap and a soft sponge or wash cloth, drying it immediately. You should not use steel wool or scouring pads as they may damage or scratch the surface. You should also avoid harsh detergent or dishwashers as these may accelerate the oxidation process of the outer copper lining and reduce the life span of the dish.

Over time, the outer copper layer will naturally darken and develop what is called a “patina”. To remove the patina, you can rub the outside with a vinegar-salt solution. To keep the exterior looking new, you can also use a copper polish and follow the manufacturer’s instruction.

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Home Indian Indian Hammered Copper Punjabi Handi