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Home Natural Slate Plate and Cheese Boards

Slate Plate and Cheese Boards

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Slate Plate and Cheese Boards
12 inches x 6 inches
14 inches x 14 inches
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We can just picture cave men using rocks as plate, can’t get more ancient than that. Because of the dark color of the stone, these beautiful and unique natural slate plates and trays make elegant presentations for cheeses, appetizers and desserts. As with many of our products they are completely natural and food safe. Their rustic yet elegant look comes from the semi-smooth surface and naturally chipped and chiseled edges making each piece unique. Quarried in Vermont, the color is mostly black but can have streaks of dark grey, with a lightly textured surface.

The plate have soft vinyl "feet" to protect whatever surface it is put on.

As the original blackboards or chalkboards which were made of smooth slate, you can actually write right on these boards with the included food safe soapstone chalk, giving you the ability to identify key components of the dish, such as the names of the different cheeses being served, or even little love notes!!

  Long Plate Square Plate
Item Number: USA-3369-06 USA-3369-14
Dimensions (inches):    
Length: 12 14
Width: 6 14
Height: .25 .25
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About Slate

Slate is a fine-grained, sedimentary rock composed mostly of clay or volcanic ash which has been densely compacted at high temperature over millions of years. Because of the layered composition, slate can be split into thin sheets when expertly struck at the edges by skilled artisans. Slate is non-porous and food safe.


As this is made from natural rock, variances in size, color, thickness, and composition are normal and to be expected.

Although very strong, like regular ceramic plate, plates made from slate can break or chip if dropped or mishandled. Always handle the plates with care when washing, or storing them.

Since Slate is densely compacted, it holds and transmits heat very efficiently; therefore it can become very hot and dangerous to the touch. Slate plates are not recommended for use in an oven or microwave. Likewise, it will keep and retain the cold which is good for serving cold items.

The plates are dish washer safe, or can be hand wash with a mild soap or wipe with a damp cloth.

Slate Plates are not scratch resistant and therefore should not be used as a cutting board. If it does become scratched, you can simple rub it with food-grade mineral oil and it will restore the finish. In fact, if the plates become dull, a rubbing with food-grade mineral oil will restore the rocks natural luster.

Flan de Caramelo

This recipe for flan is one of my favorite, and brings back fond memories of my Grandmother. I still have her recipe, in her own handwriting, in my treasure collection. It can be served in one large piece, or as individual servings for more dramatic presentations, especially when served on Slate Plates.


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Home Natural Slate Plate and Cheese Boards