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Home Philippines Whole Annatto or Achiote

Whole Annatto or Achiote

Whole Annatto or Achiote
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Whole Annatto or Achiote
2 oz
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Achiote or Annatto is a mild tasting spice and food coloring and very common in Latin American, Jamaican, Belizean, Chamorro, Vietnamese, and Filipino cuisines. It is often mixed with other seeds or spices, and can be found in the form of whole seeds, ground powder, or paste.

In the Philippines, also called atsuete or atsuwete, it is essential in dishes like Sotanghon Guisado and Kare-kare, although really used more as a food coloring.

In Mexico, the annatto paste is an important ingredient of Cochinita Pibil, the slow-roasted pork dish, and Tikinxic, Yucatán's ubiquitous grilled fish. The achiote paste gives to the dishes a flavor that is elaborated, strong, peppery, spicy, slightly smoky, sweetish and with nutty notes.

This product is for whole Annatto or Achiote and comes in 2-ounce bags.

Kare Kare is a classic Filipino slow-cook stew, usually using oxtail bok choy, string beans and eggplant, with deliciously thick deep yellow peanut sauce. It has a very subtle taste because it is traditionally unsalted, allowing the flavors of the peanut sauce and the meat to come out. this recipe is great to use with our Whole Annatto seeds


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Home Philippines Whole Annatto or Achiote